What can I expect at the first appointment?

During the first appointment you have the opportunity to meet the doctor and discuss every issue that concerns you regarding the appearence of your smile or you dental health. You will be able to set treatment goals and priorities.

After discussing your medical and dental history, the doctor will proceed to a thorough clinical examination. Additional radiographic examination might be required in order to complete the diagnosis and collect all the information needed for the treatment plan.

At the end of the clinical examination, extraoral and intraoral photos will be taken if it is necessary along with impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Complex cases will require more than one appointment before the final treatment plan is decided.

Dr. Vrettos believes that a careful and thorough assessment of every patient is the foundation of a successful treatment outcome. Every decision regarding your dental care is based on scientifically proven clinical evidence and Dr. Vrettos takes into account your specific needs and expectations.

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